Welcome to Imagine Tempe!  Imagine Tempe envisions our students developing personal and academic excellence, acceptance, responsibility, and self-confidence in order to become lifelong learners.  Imagine Tempe educators recognize that students learn differently and offer a variety of instructional techniques to meet each learner’s needs while maintaining high expectations using measurable outcomes.  This dedication by staff affords students access to an inquiry-based education that teaches them to become independent thinkers, problem solvers, and active participants in their learning while embracing a global perspective.  We will educate the whole child and partner with parents and community members to ensure we reach every child, no exceptions, and no excuses. Students today, scholars tomorrow!

Selethia Benn




Imagine an education that inspires success in school and in life. Imagine expectations high enough to live up to your child’s potential. Imagine teachers who encourage aspiration and empower achievement. You’ve just imagined the education awaiting your child at Imagine Tempe.